The Best of Not In Cuba Anymore

Alright, so we are about halfway done with 2012 (time has gone by fast!), so I figured it would be a good time to present you with the the top 10 posts, thus far. These are the most popular entries, the ones you have read the most. So enjoy them again, or if this your first time reading them, then enjoy!

10 - Cubanisms # 2. The second installment of Cubanisms have favorite Cuban sayings, such as: "Pa' Su Escopeta! which literally means "To His Rifle!"

9 - The Jim Halpert. How I can relate to Jim Halpert from The Office.

8 - The Smartest Baby in the World. Ellie Marie may eventually one day be CEO of Facebook, or better yet, her own company.

7 - Kwikshop Gangsters. Kwikshops in Topeka are a dangerous place...

6 - We Are Not All Mexican. Just because I speak Spanish, it doesn't mean I'm from Mexico.

5 - My Marriage, Saint Thomas and Project Runway. The honeymoon in Saint Thomas was truly magical, and so was Project Runway...

4 - Bobo. This may be the name of a family restaurant in Topeka, but in Cuban, this means something else entirely

3 - Thanksgiving & San Givi. A Cuban Thanksgiving usually involves rice, beans and a whole lot of dancing.

2 - Cubanisms # 1. The one that started it all. Still a very popular post!

1 -Shunga vs Chonga. Still the most popular post and one of the funniest ones!

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