Heard at the Sanchez Home #2

Once again, Elena and I are at the dinner table while little Ellie sits on her car seat. (She would usually sit in her regular play chair, but she...had an accident on it.) While we are talking, Ellie starts blowing raspberries and makes a really loud noise.

Elena: That was a loud noise little girl! Well, you are half Cuban after all.
Me: That is very true.

Yes, Cubans are loud by nature. If someone from a different culture were to walk in at a Cuban home during dinner, or a party, or just a family hanging out in the living room, that person would think that there was an argument going on. But no, that's just the way we talk, loud and using our hands a lot.

When Ellie goes down to sleep, I have to keep my Cuban meter at a low level. It's a challenge, my friends.

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