Shunga vs. Chonga

Before I finally moved to Topeka, I had visited numerous times. On one of those occasions, my then wife-to-be said she was going biking at "The Shunga." Now, in my Cuban hard-wired brain that sounded like "The Chonga." First, let me explain why those things are so different and why I chuckle every time someone mentions the Shunga trail.

According to the city of Topeka, the Crestview Shunga Trail "is a paved recreational trail for walking, jogging, skating, and biking, running from the northeast corner of Topeka to the southwest corner." In other words, a family-friendly place where you can peacefully train for that 5k or just put off those extra pounds.

Now, a "chonga" in Miami is a girl who wears giant loop earrings, extremely dark lip stick, heavy eye make up and her hair is usually so slick back it looks like she had a face-lift surgery. As you can imagine, the chonga's boyfriend is typically a 25-year old high school drop out who still thinks wearing baggy clothes and calling everyone "dawg" is cool. The chonga usually has a thick accent, so for instance, when saying "excuse me," she'll sound "ecscuze me." Not that chongas are polite or anything, "excuse me," usually comes in form of a question after she has been offended. If engaged in a fight, the loop earrings come off and her fake nails are ready for combat.

But enough reading about the chongas, it's time that you have a visual. Note, the following video may be offensive for those of you who have never seen a rap video on MTV.

And there you go, Topeka. Whenever you mention the Shunga Trail, my mind will automatically go to this video. You are welcome.

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4 Responses to Shunga vs. Chonga

  1. Hahahah!!!!!! This is so great. It's the equal and opposite reaction to Elena's Miami blog! Keep it up, Isreal.

  2. :) Thanks Tricia! Glad you are liking it!



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