Cubanisms #2

Friends, once again I'm here to update you on the wonderful world of Cubanisms. If you take notes and pay attention, your next trip to Miami will be very succesful. Dale!*

*Lit: means literal
*Trans: means translation

"Pa' su escopeta!"
Lit: To his rifle!
Trans: Wow!

"Mete tremenda muela"
Lit: He puts a lot of molars
Trans: He speaks a lot

"Es un bárbaro!"
Lit: He's a barbarian!
Trans: He's an expert!

"Voy a jugar bombero"
Lit: I'm going to play firefighter
Trans: I'm going to take a shower

"Te la comiste"
Lit: You ate it
Trans: You did something amazing

"Me la pusiste en China"
Lit: You put it in China
Trans: You have made things hard for me

*Dale is not someone's name, but it's a Cuban expression that means something like "Let's go!"

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