Rush Hour, and not with Jackie Chan

"We are about to hit rush hour now," my wife said a couple of days ago while we were driving around Topeka. I braced myself, expecting an enormous amount of traffic, but we were home in 10 minutes. Topeka rush hour is like going to a gas station in Miami.

When living in Miami, I drove home from work for about 45 minutes every day. And that's nothing really, when I worked at a different library branch, I even drove for an hour each way. So yeah, while my fellow Topekans may be having a hard time in their "rush hour," I'm just enjoying a nice little drive. This also brings me to another fact, people in Topeka consider a 30 minute drive to be a big deal. "You are driving where? 30 minutes? What? Take a sleeping bag!" Well, I exaggerated the last part with the sleeping bag, but you get the idea.

Because of my experience in big city traffic, I don't mind driving 30 or 40 minutes anywhere. That is what I'm used to, that's what I know. Of course, if you drive for thirty minutes in Topeka...well, then you are no longer in Topeka. You have left the reservation and you are probably in Lawrence, Kansas. Hope you brought that sleeping bag after all!

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2 Responses to Rush Hour, and not with Jackie Chan

  1. My dad, without fail, complains about the traffic whenever we're driving on Wanamaker. Haha! I can imagine that you're going through culture shock in a lot of ways!! But know that Topeka is lucky to have you and, before long, you may feel at home there :)

  2. Thanks Tricia! But yeah, culture shock indeed!



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