Freedom, burgers and toys

I was born in Cuba almost 28 years ago. Growing up in Havana, the United States of America seemed to be a magical land where freedom came accompanied with tasty burgers and brand new toys. When I finally arrived, at the age of 11, I found out that although I was right about freedom, the burgers and the toys, life was still hard.

But this blog is not about my life growing up, although I may touch on that subject from time to time, and this blog is certainly not about sad events, though I may mention some here and there. This blog is about my brand new experiences living in Topeka, Kansas. You see, when I was living in Miami, it really wasn't that different from Cuba, well except for the freedom, burgers and toys. Anyone who has ever lived in Miami can tell you that Spanish is probably the most widely spoken language and that the Hispanic population is the majority, with Cubans being the largest. I felt right at home.

"This doesn't feel like the rest of the United States," my wife would say. At the time, I had no idea what she meant by that, since I had never lived anywhere else, but after a visit to the Topeka mall and seeing that I was maybe one of three Hispanics there, I understood what she meant. Miami is a special place, one that is very dear to my heart. But now that I'm here in Topeka, I am looking forward to new experiences and what is even more fun, I will be comparing Miami with Topeka. I will do so in good fun, so please, if you don't have a sense of humor and get easily offended, then this blog is not for you. But, however, if you are someone who loves humor and don't mind making fun of yourself, then this blog is definitely for you!

Come back soon!

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4 Responses to Freedom, burgers and toys

  1. Ha! I love it! I'm definitely interested to see your perspective on living here, a place totally different from Miami and of course, Cuba. ;) I love you!

  2. Welcome to Topeka! I'm interested in your perspective of it. Also, I don't think I've ever met you in person. We should probably fix that sometime. :-)

  3. Thanks for the welcome and the comment! Glad that you're reading and we shall definitely meet up soon!



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