The harmony mall

I miss Miami, but I don't miss everything about it. There are many malls in Miami, the most famous probably being Dolphin mall. The thing about Dolphin and nearly every mall in Miami is that it's always crowded with people. You can go at 10 in the morning or at 6 p.m. and you'll find that it is always packed. Does nobody work anymore? Of course, a lot of the people in the mall, especially in the evenings, are teenagers going to the movies or looking for a corner to make out.

But there is one place, The Mall of the Americas, where barely anyone goes. My friend Julio, also known as the Russian (although he is not Russian. It's a long story), dubbed it as "The Mall of the Harmony." In other words, it is so peaceful and so empty that it is harmonious, like a perfect song. We used to go to the mall every once in a while to catch a movie, usually action and sometimes horror. Although most action movies nowadays are horrendous, but that's a totally different story.

Anyway, two days ago, now in Topeka, my wife and I went to the mall. Seeing as it is the only mall in Topeka, I figured that it must be packed. But no, my friends, the mall is, or even more harmonious than the one in Miami. You can easily get from one store to the other without bumping into anyone because there is barely anyone there. At many stores, the employees looked bored. The two guys that work at Burlington Coat and Factory were yawning and cracking their knuckles.

I'm not a huge fan of large crowds, especially when I'm trying to hurry up to catch a movie, so in that respect, I much rather have the Topeka mall, even if I have to wake up the employees.

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2 Responses to The harmony mall

  1. Oh yes, the beloved Harmony Mall. I'm glad you feel even more harmonious at the Topeka mall. ;)

  2. Definitely more harmony over here mi amor!



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