Cubanisms #5

Here's your chance to keep learning more Cuban phrases and popular sayings.

"Dime con quien anda y te dire quien eres."
Lit: Tell me who you hang out with, and I'll tell you who you are.
Meaning: You are influenced by the people you spend time with.

"Lo cogieron fuera de base."
Lit: He got caught off base (baseball reference).
Meaning: He was surprised or caught doing something wrong.

"Querer bailar en casa del trompo."
Lit: Wanting to dance in the whipping top's house.
Meaning: Don't try that one on me. Been there, done that,

"No hay peor ciego que el que no quiera ver."
Lit: There's no one more blind than he who doesn't want to see.
Meaning: Said about someone who doesn't want to accep the facts.

"Me tocó bailar con la más fea."
Lit: I had to dance with the ugliest girl.
Meaning: I had to come to terms with an ugly situation.

"Cada loco con su tema."
Lit: Every crazy person to his or her own problem.
Meaning: To each his own.

"Me dieron gato por liebre."
Lit: They gave me a cat instead of a rabbit.
Meaning: They sold me something fake.

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