Cubanisms # 3

Hi there friends, your favorite Spanish lessons are back! In no time, you'll be speaking Cuban!

Lit* means literals

Trans* means transalation

"Aquí hay gato encerrado"
Lit: There's a cat locked in here
Trans: There's something mysterious going on here

"Tu eres más rollo que película"
Lit: You are more reel than film
Trans: Said to a person who talks a lot, but doesn't act on things

"Le patina el coco"
Lit: His coconut skates
Trans: He's crazy

"Voló como Matías Perez"
Lit: He flew like Matias Perez
Trans: That person disappeared. Haven't seen him in a long time.

"Ese tipo es un filtro"
Lit: That guy is a filter
Trans: He's really smart

"Pasar el Niágara en bicicleta"

Lit: To travel the Niagara falls on a bicycle"

Trans: Said when doing something difficult, or during tough times

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